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Gareth Cooke, Sales Director

"The business is reaping the rewards of a more efficient, productive and ultimately happier workforce who feel more empowered to manage and create their own time more effectively.”


Carlos G. Vannoni, Chief Information Officer

"Gavin drove changes in behaviours and processes to improve customer-facing time without generating additional costs to the business.”


Ben Collins, Operations & Planning Director

"Gavin singled-handedly both constructed an exciting vision of the future and then brought it to life.”


Ashley Paterson, Customer Business Manager

“Gav changed people's mindsets to enable a growth mentality and embraced employees taking them on the journey with him, his ability to drive process change in the right way is second to none.”


Dan Noel, Corporate Operations Manager

"I have been able to streamline our dated processes, increase the frequency and quality of communication from the Senior Manager level to the front line workers, and eliminate the guessing game of “who should I email or call, and when should I do so."


Richard Hubbard, Head Of Operations

“The value of working with Gavin is that everything comes from real life examples and, more importantly, how they can be best implemented.”


Kelvin Buchannan, Development Manager

“It has been an excellent investment and I would happily recommend it.”

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  • Do I have to start on a certain day?

    When the course is released, then you have full lifetime access to the course materials. You can start it any time you want and return to it at any point.

  • Can I work through the courses at my own pace?

    Yes. When the courses are released you have full access to all training materials but you decide how quickly to work through them - you will have lifetime access.

  • Are there any restrictions for payment plan customers?

    Nope, no restrictions, just spreading the cost. You still get access to all the course materials, once they are released, and can work through them at your own pace. Nothing is held back over the three month payment period, however, should a payment fail (by accident or on purpose) your access to the course will be paused until the payment plan is reinstated.