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Course curriculum

    1. Welcome To The Course

    2. How to use this course

    3. 101 Lessons From History

    4. INTERLUDE: You Need To Do The Work To Get The Results

    5. 102 Miracle Morning

    6. 103 How To Value Your Time

    7. INTERLUDE: The Parable Of The Mexican Fisherman And The Banker

    8. 104 Where To Focus

    9. 105 What Will You Do With Your Extra Time?

    10. INTERLUDE: Why We Should Focus On Finishing (Important) Work As Fast As We Can

    1. 201 The Trinity: Notes, Tasks & Files

    2. 202 Getting Things Done Basics

    3. 203 PARA Basics

    4. 204 The One Thing Basics

    5. 205 What About Email?

    6. 206a ToDo - Overview

    7. 206b ToDo - Set-Up Groups and Lists

    8. 206c ToDo - Set-Up Weekly Review Task and Hashtags

    9. 207 Set-Up OneNote

    10. 208 Set-Up OneDrive

    11. 209 OneDrive Sync (Plus SharePoint & Teams Document Library Basics)

    12. 210 Bankrupt Your Inbox (Plus Outlook Categories Basics)

    1. 301 First Things First - Calendar Essentials - "Do Date"

    2. 302 Calendar: When Are You Stopping Work?

    3. 303 Calendar: Email "Processing"

    4. 304 Calendar: Focus Time

    5. 305 Calendar: Admin Blocks

    6. 306 Proactive Meetings Basics - (End Early; Find Time; External Calendar, Prep time - viva insights)

    1. INTERLUDE: We Must Seize What Flees

    2. 401 Your New Practice

    3. 402a "Email" Processing Time

    4. 402b Other Inbound Processing Time

    5. INTERLUDE: Remember Your Job Is To Take Action, Not Run A Productivity System

    6. 403 Weekly Review

    7. 404 Daily Review

    8. INTERLUDE: Lesser Things Deserve Less Time

    9. 405 "Processize" The Urgent (And Why The Eisenhower Matrix Rarely Works)

    10. 406 What Meeting Are You Running? (Removing Meetings; Combining Meetings; Splitting Meetings)

    11. 407 Twelve Week Year Basics - Goals, Results, Habits

    12. 408 Monthly Sprint

    13. 409 Note Taking (Action Method)

    14. 410 OneNote Web Clipper

    15. 411 Work the plan - how to remove distractions

    1. 501 Microsoft Lists Basics (LIVE LESSON - COMING SOON)

    2. 502 Excel For Speed Basics (LIVE LESSON - COMING SOON)

    3. 503 PowerPoint For Speed Basics (LIVE LESSON - COMING SOON)

    1. Before You Go...

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