How to save your employees 4 hours per person per week... fixing your broken internal communications using Microsoft Teams and Microsoft365

  • Create a cultural transformation towards modern working without increasing IT costs

  • Increase customer-facing time by removing internal collaboration barriers

  • Make your employees lives easier, your organisation a better place to work and lower recruitment costs

Course curriculum

    1. A message from your instructor

    2. How to use this course

    3. Before we begin...

    1. Are You Ready For Page 701?

    2. Context

    1. Why You Should Listen To Me

    2. Maybe You Have Already Tried...?

    3. What Usually Goes Wrong

    1. What Would You Do With An Extra Half A Day Per Week?

    2. Why Four Hours?

    1. What's Possible - An Example

    2. Three Pillars Of A Teams First Strategy

    3. Cultural Change

    4. Putting It All Together

    1. What To Do Next?

    2. Before you go...

    3. More resources for you

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Tried For A While...


I have tried to get my organization to do this for a while and it might just be easier to show them this introduction to the subject.

Solving The Puzzle


It was great to see that this course helps visualise the issues likely to be seen in attempting to benefit from the investment in Office 365. There is a lot of info out there on specific technical solutions such as creating a Power App or a Flow to achieve one element of the puzzle but this is the only thing I have seen that gives an insight as to what the overall puzzle may look like.

A Great Context Builder


This short course is a great context builder for anyone in an organisation that suffers from fragmentation, unproductive processes, wasted time and questionable wellbeing (and who has gained Microsoft 365 relatively recently). You have held a mirror up to a workplace I recognise, basically.

Order Is Important


I appreciated (1)the Pillars of a team strategy, (2) asking how I am making your life easier (3) that the Community experience in culture follows working out in the open and getting things gone.