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Helping People Save Time At Work

A Labour Of Love

This is the thing I am most passionate about: helping individuals save time at work so that you've got more time for family, friends, wellbeing. Or to generate more value for yourself so that you're more employable, you get promoted, you get more opportunities to change careers, move companies, whatever you want to do to earn more money. So, either earning more money or saving time to spend with your friends, family and just living.

What productivity means to me? Two quick stories that might help shape that.

When I was in my accounting college, so after university I decided to do accounting, and a lecturer there said to us "if you always try to work yourself out of a job, you will never be without a job." And that's stuck with me throughout my entire career and was exemplified by the next story.

When I was employed as a temp in accounts to sort out their fixed asset register employed for two weeks. Everyone else that had done it before had taken 2 weeks. The permanent member of staff takes 2 weeks to do it every year, going through fixed asset register and updating the depreciation for another year. And they have a spreadsheet there that had all t stuff on there and they got a calculator to work the number out and then typed it back into Excel. There were no formulas in Excel.

So, I put some formulas in the top line, checked them, copied it down, spent another 20 minutes checking And literally two weeks work is now done in a minute, or 30 minutes if you're being generous for checking.

Two weeks or 30 minutes, that is insane productivity gain, isn't it?

So imagine what you can do with that extra time if you're taking stuff that used to take you 2 weeks down to 30 minutes. Excel is a great example of where you can speed some time up because not a lot of people know all the functions Excel can do. But as we'll see, the most amount of time you can save is usually the emails and meetings if you're a knowledge worker.

But that's what productivity means to me, saving people a meaningful amount of time that you can reinvest in whatever you want to reinvest it in: growing more revenue or value for yourself, or getting more value out in living, travelling, seeing friends and family, wherever you choose to do so.

Course & Community Instructor

Founder & Director Gavin Jones

I am a qualified accountant and have had numerous finance jobs supporting sales, supply chain, pricing & revenue, brands, etc.

I have also moved out of finance and had roles in logistics, demand planning, company-wide business process change, and also been on multi-year multi-million $ IT implementation projects. ​

Latterly, I have led the Teams and M365 strategy, implementation, and adoption at a Fortune 500 company to unlock the potential of our M365 subscription as it relates to modernising business process and increasing efficiency, engagement, and employee wellbeing (with experience of Teams, Forms, Planner, PowerBI, Stream, SharePoint, PowerAutomate, Yammer, OneNote, Sway, ToDo, Workplace Analytics, etc. as well as using PowerQuery & PowerPivot in Excel as pragmatic solutions to aid adoption). ​

I have been helping people on my YouTube channel since July 2019. This is designed to help people use specific aspects of Microsoft products, such as Teams and I started on my own in May 2020 with coaching, consulting, and accelerator programmes to help people with full organisational transformation using Microsoft365.

I Have Already Helped Employees

working on some of the best known brands in the world

What People Are Saying

Why This Is Empowering

Glynn H

"The course is great and it fulfilled my expectations. What Gavin does so well is focus on the basics. Not basics in terms of complexity, but rather in terms of what we must all do, day after day, to be good citizens in Teams. And because the course is infused with this narrative, we as the learners can come to understand why this is empowering both to us and the organizations we work for."

Strategy To Execution

Aziz D

I can't thank you enough for this course; you explained high-principle concepts and linked them with how-to tools.

Here Is What People Are Saying

about working with us


Gareth Cooke, Sales Director

"The business is reaping the rewards of a more efficient, productive and ultimately happier workforce who feel more empowered to manage and create their own time more effectively.”


Carlos G. Vannoni, Chief Information Officer

"Gavin drove changes in behaviours and processes to improve customer-facing time without generating additional costs to the business.”


Ben Collins, Operations & Planning Director

"Gavin singled-handedly both constructed an exciting vision of the future and then brought it to life.”


Ashley Paterson, Customer Business Manager

“Gav changed people's mindsets to enable a growth mentality and embraced employees taking them on the journey with him, his ability to drive process change in the right way is second to none.”


Dan Noel, Corporate Operations Manager

"I have been able to streamline our dated processes, increase the frequency and quality of communication from the Senior Manager level to the front line workers, and eliminate the guessing game of “who should I email or call, and when should I do so."


Richard Hubbard, Head Of Operations

“The value of working with Gavin is that everything comes from real life examples and, more importantly, how they can be best implemented.”


Kelvin Buchannan, Development Manager

“It has been an excellent investment and I would happily recommend it.”


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